Exploring New Heights

Rincon Shadow,LLC

When Everything is going against you, remember airplane takes off against the wind…not with it

Henry Ford

Featured Aircraft


The T-2 is a Transitional trainer aircraft, designed around trike gear for runway take off and landing. The aircraft can be transformed into a VTOL platform (vertical take-off and landing )

Bird Dog

The Bird Dog was conceived as a compact back packable aircraft with endurance in mind.

ExpLoring the world from above!

Not to have an adequate Air Force in the present state of the world is to compromise the foundation of national freedom and independence

                                                         Winston Churchill

A very wise perspective which could also apply to your unmanned fleet.

Is your fleet capable?

A Look Into UAV Capabilities and Possibilites

  UAV popularity has exponentially increased over the past few years.

 Todays Unmanned Aircraft have increased capabilities, greater endurance, better hardware, providing for more creative uses!

Here are a few ideas.